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 HEALING SUPPORT at the Quantum Level.

Utilizing the power of frequency and vibration through the quantum field to assist you in all aspects of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, dimensionally and relationally.


21 days of healing support- taking sign ups now!

Featured Services

Pendulum Alchemy

A powerful technique that is a stand alone modality or used in conjunction with other modalities!

Crystal Healing

Grids, infusions and sending the energy of crystals to help with specific healing intentions!

Color and Sound Transmission

Color and sound have profound effects on the Quantum Field and the rest of the body!

Essential Oils and Flower Essences

Essential oils and Flower essences hold high vibrations, making them great to include in a healing practice!

Find support for

Physical issues

Emotional Issues

Ascension symptoms

goal setting/affirmation/intention/manifestation activation

Astrological, EMF, Geopathic Stress and other energetic support

Relationship challenges

DNA Activation

Remote healing

Pre and Post Surgery support

End of Life Support


Chakra support

Communication / Relationship support

Holiday support

Help with problem solving

Inner child


Money/Prosperity/ releasing Money Blocks

Pet support/healing

...and more!

What our customers are saying

Our remote sessions have made a big impact on our children's health.  Results were immediate and profound!

A.R., California

Our Commitment to You

With the highest of integrity, using energy healing techniques of various kinds to support you in all aspects of your life!